Mobile Kitchen

Chefs in Motion boasts a purpose-built and fully equipped mobile kitchen to cater for every occasion. Our compact kitchen truck occupies just 1.5 car spaces, making tight city locations a breeze. While still able to handle large numbers and long durations. It is backed up by our container kitchen at base to extend our capacity.

Professionally designed for efficient food preparation, our mobile catering kitchen meets all NSW health standards. For events where transportation of food is necessary, our expertise is second-to-none. Our fully self-contained mobile kitchen allows us to prepare food fresh on the day on location and ensure safe and hygienic handling.

Built in power inverters ensure refrigeration throughout the transporting process while the waste water containment unit is processed at base, for a no mess, no fuss operation. Our mobile kitchen is designed for safety and hygienic delivery of quality catering services. Its also completely self-powered.

Special requirements are no problem for Chefs in Motion’s professional staff. Whether you need to co-ordinate location moves or organise staggered meal breaks. A special gastronome platter system ensures safe and easy transportation. Specially designed hot and cold boxes keep food safe and hygienic whenever dishes need to be left on set or taken to a location away from the catering vehicle.